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5 01 2012

“You need to become a lean mean fighting machine.”  That’s what my doctor recently told me during a four month battle with a stubborn staph infection.  The infection had caused me to go through several rounds of blood work which later determined I was now a diabetic with higher than normal liver enzymes.  All of the sudden the party was over.  The days of drinking 64 ounces of sugary sports drinks and eating a half of a pizza pie in one sitting were over.  At the age of 36 with two young children, serious changes were going to have to be made if I was planning on sticking around for any length of time.  But how?  Twenty, thirty pounds…that would seem attainable.  200 Pounds?  Where to even begin?  I thought maybe starting a blog and sending it out into the universe would be a good way of holding myself more accountable.  Not that I really need another reason.  I’m so completely sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  If I reach my goal in a more public way, maybe it might give some hope to at least one person out there who feels hopeless.  I’ve felt hopeless before.  There was a time when I weighed so much, my doctor’s scale couldn’t even register it.  That’s no longer the case, thanks to some refining of my diet and a fair amount of sickness.  My body finally told me “Johnny, you’re not getting the message so I’m turning up the volume”.  Well I’m hearing it loud and clear now.  I’m at least 25 pounds down from where I was but I have a long, long way to go. I hope to find some knowledgeable folks along the way that can impart some of the wisdom that they have learned and maybe point me in a helpful direction.  Frankly, I can not get healthy soon enough.  I do not want to be on meds.  I’ve been on antibiotics for nearly 5 months.  I want to fight off this staph infection and reverse the other damage that I’ve done to myself.  I want to be half the man I am while embracing twice the life I’ve been missing.  The world isn’t johnnysized and I don’t want to be anymore either.



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5 01 2012

Best of luck with reaching your goal! You definitely sound motivated that I’m sure success will be yours. Looking forward to hearing more about your journey.

10 01 2012


9 01 2012
for a better me now

You have the same tought as I did. I cant wait to see how this goes, and congratulations on your success so far. Best of luck! 🙂

10 01 2012

Thanks so much for the support! And good luck with all you are doing.

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