Heavy Dreams

5 01 2012

Woke this morning after having a dream about riding a large white horse. There was no saddle or gear, just me sitting atop of it. I’ve never really been horseback riding but it was so crisp and vivid. I could hear the galloping and sense it resonating through me. I could feel the wind whipping past me. And I kept thinking “God I hope this horse can carry me. Am I too heavy for it?”.

Even in my dreams, my weight haunts me. I can’t tell you how many dreams that I’ve had where the stairs below me break, or the floor begins to crack and I need to jump for a rope or something to prevent myself from falling into some deep dark abyss. Unfortunately, I’m a severely overweight Indiana Jones in my dreams. But in this dream, the horse picked up a head of steam and we took off. When I leaned one way, the horse responded. We became like one machine.

I feel like the horse is symbolic of the new journey I’m on. I’m going to ride it towards freedom. Freedom from the prison I have put myself in due to the poor lifestyle choices of the past. Everyday, I’m going to get up on the horse and ride it. I’m going to ride it to freedom, to the life that waits for me.



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