Addicted to Sugar – The Perfect Storm

10 01 2012

Five months ago a coworker looked at me incredulously as I drank the biggest Slurpee money could buy out of a sour licorice candy straw. Even I snickered because I realized that the notion of it all was just completely preposterous. We’re talking approximately 98 grams of sugar here. And just like it was a dixie cup – the johnnysized Slurpee went down the hatch in the matter of a couple minutes. The weather was hot and my energy level was tanking. I had begged him to pull over so that I could get one. There was still plenty of work to be done and a long drive home afterwards. I needed to keep going. It was a fast option and it was cheap. Diabetes for $2, what a deal, I’ll take two please. The crash that comes after that much sugar is stunning. Then the body craves even more sugar in order to get going again.

It’s like a vicious cycle. Feed your body the overly-processed, nutrient-deficient garbage they sell in the grocery store and when you start tanking in the middle of the day – go for the fastest, easiest, cheapest thing…sugar or even easier and cheaper – corn syrup. And then repeat it over and over each and every day, while constantly asking yourself “why do I feel so damn tired all of the time?” I’d get home and just want to go to sleep for a few hours. By the time I got the staph infection, I was so physically drained and full of sugar and other junk that, as my doctor said, I had become “the perfect storm”. My body was a perfect host for a staph infection.

Now that I’ve embraced eating like a rabbit , I haven’t felt the drop off in energy. In fact, I feel like now I have more energy than I’ve had since I was a freshman in college. The difference is stunning. At times, I really do physically feel like I’m 18 again. All because I’m making much better and more well informed choices about what i put into my body. And while I would definitely love to have a huge slice of rich chocolate cake…it really would be Death By Chocolate. It’s just not worth it anymore. Life is a party until your health is in jeopardy. Unfortunately, I often have to learn things the hard way. But as a good friend recently told me “if there is no struggle, there is no progress”.

Nearly two miles on the treadmill last night. Thank God for treadmills with tv’s built in. I got lost in pro wrestling for 40 minutes while walking. I wish it was on every night just for the fact that I can walk for 40 minutes without thinking about the walking. without the tv I’m ready to pack it in after 15 minutes. I gotta get better at that.

And here’s last night’s dinner -sauteed portobello mushrooms and bok choy in the Bragg Amino Liquid I talked about yesterday. Looks good, doesn’t it?



4 responses

10 01 2012

I loved this when I read it through my email, and then I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of the guy with the slurpee. Great piece, Johnny!

10 01 2012

Thanks so much. Big Gulp guy is my favorite. If they made them in that size, I would have probably bought one. Thanks so much for reading.

12 01 2012

Dinner looks really good in that picture!

12 01 2012

It was excellent!

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