Promises Made to Ourselves

13 01 2012

Had an interesting discussion yesterday with a colleague about promises made to ourselves.  She asked, “Why is it when we make a promise to ourself, we don’t work as hard to keep it as when we promise someone else something?”  It’s an interesting question and I can definitely see a multitude of times in my own life where this rings true.  I guess in many ways that is the reason for this blog.   Knowing that you are reading this right now, motivates me not to screw this all up for the hundredth time.  It holds me accountable.  I wish I could be more accountable to myself but I’m a work in progress.

A sign that hangs on my filing cabinet at work says:  “I am part of all that is, however that may be defined.  The life of the person that I am today is but the current expression of what I am.”  We are never the same exact person from one day or year or decade to the next.  We are a work in progress.  When I get aggravated at others because they fall short of what I expect, I need to realize that I too often fall short of what I expect for myself.  We all suffer in some way.  We all have hurts.  We are not as separate as we like to think we are.  That is an illusion.  At least that’s my take on it.

I’d like to thank “DB” from PA for this recipe submission:

Dog turd with mustard

1 dog turd
1 mustard


Thanks “DB”
Happy Friday Everybody!



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