The Witching Hour

15 01 2012

Night is a strange thing. In the sunlight of the day we can see things for what they are. The night, on the other hand, has an uncanny way of leaving a man completely alone with his thoughts, fears, insecurities, desperation, loneliness, worries, and the creature sleeping under his bed. It’s irony at it’s finest, when the day finally ends and all you want to do is go to sleep yet you are unable to turn off the hamster wheel that spins in your head.

Tonight it’s intense thoughts of a giant Arby’s roast beef sandwich with horsey sauce and cheese wiz. It doesn’t look like real roast beef. I’m almost positive that if you tested it in a lab, you’d find out it was an amalgamation of different meats. I don’t even love the idea of it. The old me would buy it and not even really enjoy it, yet the new me is still craving it for some reason. Or how about a Taco Bell cheesy beef burrito for a $1? I’d take at least five of those and a taco salad. And this after finding out earlier in the year that much of their meat is not really meat at all and contains essential ingredients such as sand. SAND?!!?

Instead it’s dry roasted wasabi flavored Edamame for me. Still though it should have been a glass or two of water and off to sleep. There is no good reason to be eating at this time of night. Brother Body wants a rest from digesting. Feeling hungry like this is the pits. But maybe its not actually hunger. I’ve often wondered if its just some sort of psychological attempt to cover up all the horrible vulnerability that night brings with it. I know that in the light of the morning I’ll see things again for what they really are – stay focused, stay the course, get healthy. Don’t scratch the itch. Focus on breathing until the itch dissipates and sleep arrives.

** A very heartfelt “Thank You” to my friend, Dan at who did a bang up job on the logo and header for this page. Check out his site for all of your graphic design needs. He’s an extremely talented artist.



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