The Payoff

16 01 2012

And so begins week 4 of a plant based diet and exercise regime. I’ve lost 20 pounds since making the lifestyle change. Prior to that I had lost over 13 pounds from being sick which brings the total to somewhere over 33 pounds. Not too shabby, but there is a long, long way to go yet. Still, one day at a time. Every ounce lost is a step in the right direction and a race is won with every step.

Since changing my diet to one that is plant based, I have been most surprised about the very noticeable increase in energy. It used to be an all out struggle to stay awake at work when 2PM rolled around. Now I rarely ever get that midday crash. I’m putting better fuel in my tank and it is really sustaining me. It’s nice to have so much room in my clothes. I’m out of notches in my belt which is a good feeling.

The weeks have not been without their struggles though. Especially lately. I’ve been an ogre at times. I am seriously missing beef like crazy. And cheese! God how I miss sharp cheddar cheese! I watched a program on PBS recently with renowned health doctor, Neal Barnard. He said recent studies have indicated that a dairy protein found exponentially present in cheese binds extremely well with our body’s opiate sensors. That’s right….cheese is like the dairy world’s morphine or oxycodone. This explains a lot.

I’d like to again express my gratitude to those who have offered encouragement, advice, kind words, thoughts and prayers over the last few weeks. We all have our struggles in life and I pray that we may all find ways to suffer less. Be well friends. Ok, nose to the grindstone…



6 responses

16 01 2012

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18 01 2012

Thank you so much. I’ve enjoyed your blog as well.
Best to you,

17 01 2012

keep it up, youre on to something bigger than you think =)

17 01 2012

It’s definitely an adventure. Thanks so much for reading.

18 01 2012

There’ve been so many studies in the past few years showing that the same areas of our brain that light up in response to drugs also light up in response to certain foods. It really is an addiction!

18 01 2012

It really can be. I’ve definitely felt my brain light up while eating dark chocolate. I think the tough part is that after you realize it’s an addiction and you do your best to begin making changes all those things you buried with food bubble up to the surface. Now the emotional eating is over…what do with it all? How to cope? Lately for me it’s the treadmill. Eating was more fun though bit everything that comes with it…not so much.

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