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19 01 2012

Recently, I’ve been excited to hear from some folks that are starting to make changes to a more plant-based diet.  And I’ve heard from some others that they have begun to incorporate significantly more veggies into their meals.  I’ve heard from some close friends about diet changes and lifestyle changes.  One friend has decided to try to quit smoking, no easy task. It’s awesome to receive correspondence from people who are now on this journey with me -even if the goals are different, the journey is the same.  And I’m really thrilled about that.  Making positive life changes together with others.  These will be the folks that inspire the next wave of people to become their best selves.  How awesome is that?

Many thanks to those I’ve met and spoken to recently who have given me many helpful ideas to make this plant-based diet switch a little easier.  Hopefully there will be plenty of information sharing going forward because that is what this is all about.  If people weren’t willing to share what they knew with me, I’d still be eating in very unhealthy ways.  Instead, this was for dinner tonight:

        Chik’n Marsala

Had this for dinner last week and enjoyed it so much that it made the menu again this week.  And really it could not be easier.  Take your favorite chicken substitute and add it to your marsala, simmering shallots and your favorite mushrooms.  Mix in unsweetened coconut milk until the consistency looks good to you. Continue simmering until hot.  Season.  Presto, you are done.  Quick, easy and pretty darn delicious.

And this is tomorrow’s breakfast.  And yes, I do eat strange things for breakfast.

 Garlic Roasted Baba Ganoush with toasted pine nuts

This is a healthy middle eastern favorite.  Roast a medium sized eggplant rubbed with some oil in the oven at 375 for 35 minutes or until tender.  Also roast an aluminum foil wrapped head of garlic drizzled with a little oil at the same temp for about 40 minutes or until tender.  Peel the skin of the eggplant and puree it in a food processor.  Add in the roasted garlic (this is what makes it awesome!  Garlic makes everything better!).  Add a tablespoon of lemon juice or to taste.  Add 3-4 tablespoons of Tahini (the paste of ground sesame seeds – often found in a plastic tub near hummus at your grocery store).  Add a tablespoon of oil and a dash of salt.  Spices like cumin and cayenne pepper can be added but I like mine better without.  Eat with carrot sticks, celery, cucumber slices, on pita…or whatever you like.

Speaking of breakfast, did you know that zucchini is one of the best things to eat first thing in the morning?  It’s true.  It’s one of nature’s great anti-inflammatory foods and your stomach will thank you for it.

I really think that I’m spending more time thinking about food and planning meals than I ever did in the past.

I’d like to give a quick shout out to some of the very nice people I recently met at a local blogger’s conference.  I have enjoyed looking through their sites and look forward to partnering with several of them going forward.  I’m new to the “blogosphere” and their knowledge is really helpful.  I hope we can stay in touch.

Sometimes I get nervous about sharing things that are so personal but I can assure you that out past the fear, the most amazing journey waits for you.  Take a step and see.
Thanks for reading.  Feel free to comment, post a recipe or send an email to

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6 responses

19 01 2012
Love and I Do
19 01 2012

Thanks and thanks for stopping by…

19 01 2012

Speaking of zucchini..there is a great-looking recipe for zucchini and carrot “bread” slow cooker oatmeal in the new cookbook, The Vegan Slow Cooker by Kathy Hester. It seems like it is quickly becoming one of my go-to recipe collections, especially for winter. I’ll be trying the zucchini and carrot combo this weekend:)

19 01 2012

That’s fantastic! I love my crockpot and would really like to make plant based meals with it. I will look into that. Thanks so much for the recommendation.

26 02 2012
Kathy Gassert

Way to go Johnny! Keep up the good work.Not easy but your doing it.

27 02 2012

Yeah, a little bit at a time. I’ll get there. Thanks so much.

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