It Ain’t Easy Eatin’ Vegan

1 02 2012

So this plant based diet thing is no cake walk.  I was hoping that when I began this journey my preoccupation with food would lessen, but in reality, I’ve never thought of food more than I have in the last 5 weeks.  In order to be really successful with this  life style change, you have to plan your meals out well in advance.  You have to shop for all the ingredients you need and you have to keep a fresh stock of fruits and veggies on-hand.  This means going to the store about 3 times a week instead on once a week as I had been doing.  The meal prep takes a lot of time.  After a long day of work I find myself not always wanting to go through with the effort that it takes.  So the idea of getting away and having someone else make me a dinner was very appealing.  But honestly, finding a local vegan-friendly restaurant  is no easy task.  It took a lot of research and there weren’t many choices.  We finally settled on a decent looking place not too far away.

When we arrived, I asked for the special vegan menu.  It was handed to my wife.  That made me laugh.  Clearly the waiter thought that a guy my size could not possibly be going for the vegan fare.  And honestly, I really didn’t want to be looking through the vegan selections.  To see the non-vegan menu and all the good stuff that I would be missing was really tough for me.  Fish and clam chowder, caesar salad made with anchovies, grilled scallops.  My mouth is watering now just thinking about the dinner that I didn’t get to have tonight.

I was disappointed when the waitress told me that the chef was out of tofu for the “tofurrito” appetizer.  The idea was to load up on the appetizers because I was certain that the entree was going to be small.  I settled for an arugula salad with diced tomatoes and pine nuts, on a bed of beets and covered with a herb vinaigrette.  It was a generous mound of greens and it was quite good.  I quickly made peace with not having the caesar.

I then had a white bean soup with nutmeg and black pepper.  Again it was large and it was surprisingly flavorful.  Still though it would have been great to try that chowder.

The main course was a wild mushroom risotto.  It was moist and very flavorful but it was small.  This is exactly what I was afraid of – small portions for non-meat eaters.  I would have been okay with it if they added some asparagus or broccoli on the side but that wasn’t the case.  So I chewed each spoonful about a hundred times and drank three glasses of water and by the end of the meal I was actually fairly full (for a little while at least).

My portion of the bill was cheap.  The total was less than nearly all of the other entree prices.  Not bad.  And it was definitely a very nice break from making my own dinner.  Watching other people eat what you want to be eating is going to take some getting used to though.



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1 02 2012

That dinner sounds and looks great.

1 02 2012

It really was. I was happy with it. I just have to get used to eating smaller (normal) sized portions.

1 02 2012

They should give the same size portions…doesn’t seem fair. Well, I hope you find that eating vegan becomes easier as you get used to cooking and eating vegan, etc. Also, if you don’t want to go to the grocery store that much, try frozen veggies and canned goods (beans,etc). I’ve got quick meal ideas on my blog. I work a lot so I can’t spend that much time in the kitchen either…though my partner does a fair share of the cooking I must admit 🙂

2 02 2012

Thanks so much for sharing and for your warm wishes. i’ll be checking your blog out.

3 02 2012
My Plant Based Family

I focus a lot on meal planning and prepping things in advance. You should try the lentil taco’s and the Chili I have on my blog. My husband loves them. He has lost a lot of weight since we changed our diet. I’ll soak and cook a lot of beans and grains on the weekend then add veggies during the week. I post a new Meal Plan on Monday’s.
Good luck with all the diet changes.

4 02 2012

I think you are right Holly, it is definitely worth putting in the time to get meals ready. For me it leads to the best success.

I’m really enjoying your blog by the way. Plenty of good information there!

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