Milkshake in Your Veins

7 02 2012

Saw this today…pretty interesting (and scary):


And watched this a few weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a big juicy steak right about now but this video does raise some interesting points.

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7 02 2012

I recently did an article about heart disease and thought you would find this interesting too:

“The smallness of this next study by Dr. Vogel is completely masked by the results which allowed the participants to see the killer in action, rather than waiting for the compacting effects of a chronic onslaught. In group A, students were told to eat a fast-food breakfast consisting of 900 calories and 50g of fat. Group B was to follow a similar diet, except they would be consuming no fat.”

“He then proceeded to inflate a blood pressure cuff on their brachial arteries for five minutes while also enlisting ultrasounds to see how their arteries responded to what most would consider one meal, one meal among the thousands we will eat in our lives, thus the ‘Hello My Name Is: Unimportant & Insignificant Meal’ name tag we mentally place on it. The brachial arteries of those in group B quickly bounced back too normal while those in group A took much longer. This was one meal!”

LIVE Longer We Will!

7 02 2012

Interesting information Peter. Thanks for sharing. I will check out your blog.

8 02 2012

Ack! Gross…sorry, I don’t have anything intelligent to add, but that is scary. Thanks for sharing the video.

9 02 2012

Thanks for stopping by 😉

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