Building a Better Chicken?

9 02 2012

This is how many delicious organic cage free chicken eggs are made.  Evidently, its all in the semantics.  So much for the rolling green hills and lazy chicken days I’ve been envisioning.  If this is the good life, what does a regular egg mill look like?  I’ll spare you the pictures.  Let’s just say, it isn’t pretty.  From a spiritual perspective have you ever wondered what it does to a person to consume a life long diet of tortured animals?  I got into this journey for health reasons but as I get some distance from the meat on my plate I have started to consider these things more and more.

Don’t get me wrong, chickens and their eggs can be very tasty!  But how do we acquire the chicken?  What is it’s life like before it makes it to our plate?  What is it’s life like before we take it into our body and let it become part of us?  This is where buying from your small local farm can be really beneficial.  At least there you have a much better idea of the conditions that these little gals are being raised in.

And here is a new innovation out of Australia – genetically modified featherless chickens.  We can grow them bigger with hormones and antibiotics and now we can grow them without feathers, thus eliminating a step when its time to go to slaughter.  Looks a lot less tasty- no?



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