The Cure for Clogged Pipes

10 02 2012

A friend sent this video my way earlier this week.  It was very eerie watching it because these three things (Ramen Noodles, Gummi Bears and blue Gatorade) were absolute staples in my diet before making the switch to a plant based lifestyle.   This could have absolutely been one of my dinners.   I could eat 2-3 packs of noodles in one large bowl, have a few bags of gummi bears and wash it down with 64oz of Gatorade.  It’s no wonder I ended up getting sick. The body cannot properly run on this.

If nothing else, the study shows how much more difficulty the body has breaking down the processed food.  Now imagine everything we buy at the grocery store.  How much of that is processed?  So many of the foods available in grocery stores are processed in some way.  Companies need to cut their losses and have this stuff stay on the shelf while maintaining its quality until it sells.  And we are fortunate enough to get to pay for it twice – once at the register and then again as our bodies work overtime to digest it.

I sometimes think about the traditional diet that humankind has eaten for thousands of years and then what we have consumed for the last 60.  How vastly different these two diets are.  How cancer, diabetes and heart disease all sprung up as epidemics within the last few generations.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence.  How do our bodies even make sense of these chemicals that we feed them on a nearly daily basis?  When this is the fuel that you put in your tank, you can’t be angry at your body when it refuses to perform the way you would like it to.



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