Funny Guys

12 02 2012

My friends are comedians.  After being invited over to hang out, this was the vegetarian spread that was offered:

I ended up having these instead and they were fantastic:

The texture was like cheese puffs.  Lots of protein and fiber with few calories.  Found them at Wegman’s.   Mine were the non-caesar flavored.


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Have a great rest of the weekend folks!



4 responses

12 02 2012
My Plant Based Family

We like the Snapea Crisps too. They feel a little oily but they are very satisfying, especially if your wanting a salty snack.

13 02 2012

Yeah, I’ve been trying some new packaged stuff lately. Still trying to stick mostly with things close to the source but this was a nice change.

12 02 2012

They’re JERKS!!

13 02 2012

It was a good laugh although at times a little rough to look at 😉

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