Diet Change and the Changing Senses

13 02 2012

And so begins the eighth week of a plant based lifestyle change in an effort to cut massive weight and reverse some nagging health issues.  Last week I lost an additional 3 pounds which brings the total to 45 pounds lost since sickness and diet switch.  I’d love to lose 5 more by Sunday night and hit the 50 pounds down mark.  It would be a nice round number only 8 weeks in.

There have been so many great benefits of beginning to lose this weight.  My clothes fit so much better and I’m getting close again to moving down another pants size.  These were the type of results I was excited about when the weight started to come off.  The other physical results though have been more surprising.

Yesterday I did this:

Ok, so not quite, but the energy bump is still incredible.  I’m eating no meat and no dairy and yet I feel amazing!  I was speaking to a friend yesterday who has recently made a vegetarian switch and he said that the “afternoon crash” has been a thing of the past since the change in diet.  I have found the same.  It’s nice to not feel like you are crawling through the day.  I’m a big nap person and I do still enjoy a nap on the weekends but I’m down to maybe 1 or 2 a week instead of sleeping every chance I can get as I had been doing in the past.

My sense of taste has changed too,  I can taste food so much more clearly now.  It’s like someone wiped the grime of my tastebuds.  I feel like I’m relearning how fruits and veggies really taste.  I’m not sure of the science behind it but somehow my body’s taste buds have reset themselves.  In the same way, I’m not craving sweets like I used to (except for donuts -that is a weakness that may never be rooted out).  I have on many occasions lately,  found myself craving healthy options like a grilled portobello in the middle of the day.

My sense of smell which was always good has tremendously improved.  Even the air smells crisper.  Recently while walking from the parking lot towards my local grocery store, I could smell the bakery inside making fresh donuts (It’s those damn donuts again!!).  This has never happened in the 8 years I have shopped there.  At the same time, the smell of ground beef browning now makes me feel nauseous.  I don’t think this is all in my mind.  My body is changing in the way it looks and in the way it operates.  This is becoming a great adventure!

Have a great day and:



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