Slow Foods

29 02 2012

I recently began learning about the slow food movement and joined a group in my area. Many communities have groups so look for one in yours…


I have really been enjoying this lately:
It’s about raising a family on a healthy plant based diet and doing it on a budget. There are some delicious recipes, weekly meal plans and some over all great ideas for those of us beginning our journey on a plant based lifestyle.



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29 02 2012
My Plant Based Family

Thanks for mentioning my blog!
I had never heard the term “slow food” but it makes sense. I’d love to start growing some of my own food but I’m not sure that will happen this year.
I do believe that investing in good quality food is an investment in our health as well. If you were serious about exercise you probably wouldn’t buy cheap equipment. Likewise we can’t buy the cheapest “food” and expect health.

29 02 2012

No problem!

Growing your own food can be so rewarding. We have several composters and that is a very fun way to get rid of your fruit and vegetable scraps in an environmentally safe way and then later use them to grow more food. Raised beds can be built cheaply or purchased. Growing veggies in pots is also another inexpensive option and is not time/labor intensive. We started small and our garden grows every year now.

6 03 2012
Brynn Mcghinnis

Some really fantastic articles on this web site , thanks for contribution.

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