50 Pounds Down!

8 03 2012

Finally hit the 50 pounds of weight loss mark yesterday.  The last 10 pounds were shed a lot slower than the first 40 but that is to be expected.  The next 50 will be harder but also easier than the 50 pounds that comes after that.  I’m going to get there eventually.

So what did I do after achieving my mini goal?  I rewarded myself with Taco Bell.  I actually used food as a reward.  This is the sort of thinking that got me into the predicament of needing to lose so much weight to begin with.  Old habits really do die hard.

If I was going to have meat, it would have been smarter to actually eat something more authentic than whatever it is that passes for meat these days at Taco Bell.  In the end it wasn’t so good and I felt disappointed with myself (and a little bit sick to my stomach) when it was over.  The scale remained kind to me this morning though, which I was very thankful for.

Today it was back to vegetables.  Wraps with broccoli rabe, bok choy, squash, onions, mushrooms and mustard sprouts!  And they honestly tasted better than my Taco Bell binge last night.  It’s okay to fall once in a blue moon as long as we pick ourselves up and get back on the road to wellness.  Getting it out of my system may not have been the worst thing for me.  I had a craving and now I see that I really wasn’t missing much.

Beautiful “Graffiti Eggplants” found in my local produce aisle!



6 responses

8 03 2012

Congrats on the milestone! That is awesome. (Beautiful eggplants, btw!) 🙂

9 03 2012

Thanks so much!!

8 03 2012

Your wrap sounds wonderful…Shall have to try and make something similar! No idea what a Taco Bell is?? We’re a little behind the times in UK!!

9 03 2012

Taco Bell is a fast food chain specializing in cheap “Mexican” food. Its been in the news recently because their “beef” reportedly contains very little beef and uses many other fillers instead (including sand!). You aren’t missing much!

9 03 2012

I can’t eat fast food after a hard week of working out. I feel like crap if I do.

9 03 2012

Me too. I definitely feel my body power down after eating it.

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