Pink Slime!

13 03 2012

Pink Slime!

It has been all over the news the last few days.  And for good reason with 7 million pounds worth headed for our school children’s lunch trays.  Did you know that 70% of store bought ground beef in America contains a mixture of bone, connective tissue, cow intestine and ammonia.  While countries like the UK have banned the practice of using this as a filler, in the United States – the USDA thinks its perfectly safe.  And BPI (Beef Products Inc.), the company that makes the stuff says that is actually “good for children”.  America is a strange place a lot of the time.  The government doesn’t want you to send your kids to school with Twinkies but at the same time they are buying 7 million pounds of repurposed dog food to feed to our children.



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13 03 2012
Susan Douglass

Oh nothing says home cooking like pepto bismal pink glop that was so cool to the producers that they HID it in the food.

13 03 2012

Right Susan. I neglected to write that – it doesn’t have to be AND isn’t labeled! So the only way to have any peace of mind is to know your butcher.

13 03 2012

The more this information gets out there, the more people will realize how toxic it is;)

14 03 2012

Ugh. I just threw up in my mouth a little….

14 03 2012

yeah it is pretty bad….sorry

15 03 2012

I heard about this, too, and I’m glad that it’s receiving so much attention. Hopefully we can have Congress ban the use of “lean beef trimmings” in our schools.

As a side note, I read somewhere that the pink picture is actually of mechanically separated chicken, not of the ammonia-treated lean beef trimmings, if you care to know.

16 03 2012

Interesting. It’s the standard picture used on all of the “pink slime” articles. I appreciate the info.

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