My Man Crush

17 03 2012

For the past two weekends I’ve been partaking in an absolute meeting of my passions – photography and pro wrestling.  I’ve loved wrestling all of my life.  I remember being about 7 years old and telling my mother and grandmother, I was going to be a pro wrestler when I grew up.  I remember them quickly saying “no way”.  And so the dream died which is unfortunate.  It’s tough to be so young and understand the concept of following your dreams and living the life you want to live and not the one that others would want you to live.  Over the years though, I have continued to love the art of professional wrestling.  I see a fair amount of local independent shows and began to incorporate my love of photography from my seat.  I began capturing some decent pictures and eventually was able to parlay that into an actual job taking pictures.  Tonight I will take pictures for the legendary Wild Somoans’ WXW C4 promotion.  It’s my third official gig and is an amazing opportunity to get better at this fledgling craft of mine.

Last week, I took some pics for WiF and was able to talk to Ultra Mantis Black (^^^^Vegan pro wrestler ^^^^).  For those who have been reading a little longer, you may remember that I had the opportunity to interview UMB a little while back.

Last week I bought one of his t-shirts in a sixe XL.  I haven’t fit into an XL in a long, long time.  But it won’t be that much longer.  This gives me an extra something to work towards. I look forward to photographing a show with UMB sometime in the near future and sporting this:

Pink is my color isn’t in?

And while we’re talking about wrestling, I may as well share with you my man crush – World Heavyweight Champion (and vegan), Daniel Bryan.  I had wanted to interview him for this site but so far WWE media relations has turned me down. I recently came across this video though and thought I’d share it:

This isn’t a new crush though. I have enjoyed this guy for years in the indys and this is why:



5 responses

17 03 2012

Love the Ultra mantis Black t shirt very cool! Daniel Bryan is an awesome wrestler too great to see him getting the recognition he deserves.

20 03 2012

I love Gorilla Press! Thanks much! I couldn’t agree more. I wish I could find a way to get in touch with him for an interview but so far no dice.

20 03 2012

thanks 🙂 you couls always try contacting him on twitter @WWEDanielbryan or maybe through his personal website

good luck in getting to interview him would be a great read.

17 03 2012

Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

20 03 2012

Thanks so very much!

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