From Fear of Dying to Joy of Living!

28 03 2012

Bill Clinton is probably one of the best known vegans on the planet right now. He is actually reversing his heart disease with a plant based diet. This is a CNN video interview with him and a separate interview with his doctors:

A little more about a 21 day immersion plan to switch to a plant based diet:



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28 03 2012

Thanks for sharing the videos! OK… meat/dairy/eggs.
I can also beef up some courage and effort in the discipline

But Johnny, maybe you have some empathetic thoughts to
offer when I tell you I have dread of the very uncomfortable
state I find myself in when I cut out refined sugar and starchy
carbs that I’m truly addicted to! It becomes almost a psychosis,
one that I’ve never been able to “ride out” in past attempts to
For instance, it’s with shame and embarrassment I admit
a one- to two-liter/day cola indulgence….times fifteen years!!
Without elaboration, I need to say this is one pre-determined
stumbling block needing a battle plan because it is a true
physical addiction that leads to mental duress causing me
to abort the mission. Only one source I read, The Schwartzbein Principle, relates how to deal with cravings by filling receptor
sites with amino acids….predominantly from animal protein!

When you first embarked on your journey…..did you need
anyone to hold your hand? I am solo, without any mentoring
safety nets.☮

28 03 2012

I can very much relate to this. Prior to making the switch, I was consuming several hundred grams of sugar a day. A typical day consisted of 1-2 energy drinks, 64 -128 oz of Gatorade, several bags of gummi bears, etc. I could finish a 2 liter of cola in a single sitting and the go out and buy 1-2 full sized slurpies. Sugar is a very difficult habit to break. I realized though, my body continually felt like crashing and I was just adding more sugar as the day went on to give me bumps of energy. I would then crash harder a short time later and would need to repeat the cycle.

When I was told I was diabetic, The choice to stop became easier – although I’m quite sure I was addicted to sugar at the time. I threw all sugary “food” into the trash and went cold turkey. I have not looked back.

The first few weeks was tough but you can absolutely do this. When my body realized it could get all the energy it ever needed (and then some) from a plant based diet the cravings really subsided. Now I look at those foods and see garbage. They are actually offensive to me (except donuts though I don’t eat them anymore either) and I get angry when I think how I poisoned myself with them. When you really research what they sneak into those foods, that alone will make you want to have them less. Do you like having your food colored with ground up beetle juice? Or made with petroleum based products?? Of course not. Do some research about why these foods are so bad for you and that might help push you along when you feel weak. It becomes easier just to eat natural plant based whole foods.

As far as the real starchy foods, limit them to one meal a week. Have pasta or a potato, just don’t go overboard. I love my pasta. Sometimes I have a few spoonfuls plain with no sauce (still trying to limit that sugar) and it tastes better now than it ever did before. When you have something in limited quantities, you begin to appreciate it more and you really start to taste it.

If I could continue to eat like I had been, I would. But for health reasons I needed to make a switch. I hope others won’t wait until that point. Give it three weeks of going plant based and see what happens. Like any other addiction it is a day by day battle but it is one that you absolutely can win. Forget past failures. Every race is run one step at a time. It’s okay to fall, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going. I’m here to tell you, it feels better on the other side of it.

I’m here for you. Good luck!

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