30 04 2012

And so begins week 19 of my switch to a plant based diet and an increased exercise regime. This week I stayed the same weight which keeps me at 62 pounds+ lost. This is not good. It means that I’ve only lost a pound in two weeks. I have about 135 pounds left to lose so this is no time to stall out. It’s my fault though, I didn’t make the time to do as much exercise as I should have and I haven’t been taking in enough water. I’ve eaten too many cheat meals with bread and my body has been deprived of sleep because I am way over committed with different activities. All excuses but still a formula that adds up to failure. It creates a difficult environment for trying to maintain my weight let alone lose any.

The real fear though is failure. I lost a lot of weight once about 9 years ago. In about six months, I lost 65 pounds by doing a 30 day cleanse/fast followed by eating a mostly vegetarian diet. I believe that the fast further damaged my slow metabolism and eventually I went back to eating the wrong foods which resulted in my gaining all of the weight back and then some – probably an additional 45 pounds or more. And so that is the reality of these types of things, people lose weight and people fall off their program and gain it all back. I don’t want that to happen again so I must really force myself to stay determined and live the program that I have set up for myself. I want to push through the barriers.

I was fortunate to speak with current fitness and yoga guru, Diamond Dallas Page, at great length yesterday and we discussed my predicament. His advice was to eliminate wheat from my diet as it is highly processed in the foods that we eat. He said that at my age and weight, my body has difficulty breaking wheat down. He also suggest increasing his DDP Yoga workouts to 5 days a week for the next several weeks until it becomes more of a habit. If I do this, I should start seeing major results. So, I’m going to flip the script and see if I can get the weight loss working for me. If not, you will be witness to a failure of epic proportions. Fun either way, right? Stay tuned!

***huge DDP audio interview coming tomorrow!

Dreaming While Awake

28 04 2012

“All men dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible.”
– T.E. Lawrence

I know i’ve posted this quote before but I love it. This is what it boils down to, isn’t it? We all have dreams. The people who are successful are the ones who take undeterred steps to see them become reality. It starts with only one step followed by another and another. It can start today.




27 04 2012

Fear holds us back. It tells us that we aren’t good enough. That we aren’t worth anything. It tells us that we can’t succeed. That we’ll never have the discipline to “make it”. That we shouldn’t try. It tells us to stay in our comfort zone. That we should not allow ourselves to become vulnerable. It tells us to be content. To not reach for something more. To not strive for something better. To forget about what we thought we were destined to become.

My fear says I’m failing. It’s says I won’t succeed. It says I can’t sustain this. My fear says that I won’t like what I see in the mirror tomorrow. It says there is no need to exercise today because staying heavy is safer. It says this slice of pizza won’t hurt me. It says go ahead, have another. It says eat and eat some more and keep eating after that…build up a wall around you. Don’t be vulnerable. Don’t let people in. Be lazy. You’re not up to this challenge. You can’t do this. Everyone is going to watch you fail. It says stay quiet. It says don’t share me with anyone. It says the person you have been is all that you will ever be. It says all hope is lost.

Life on the Road – Part II (The Itchy Journey Home)

26 04 2012

Today wrapped up my two-day marathon 800+ mile drive. I’m so done with driving this week but alas tomorrow will be several hundred more miles logged in and so will Saturday. Today was okay though, I was able to take a less frantic pace which led me to be able to eat while semi-relaxing instead of sitting behind the wheel. I started off the day the way I ended the last, with two Caribbean veggie and hummus wraps. They were so good for dinner, I decided to have the same thing for breakfast the following morning and I was not at all disappointed. For lunch I had the best meal I’ve had in days – a buddha bowl (lightly sauteed mixed veggies over brown rice and a bowl of miso soup. I loved this meal! The veggies were crunchy and the brown sauce and rice were perfect. Unfortunately over the last few weeks, I’ve began to acquire an allergy … most likely to soy. Right after eating the miso soup (miso is fermented soy beans), little red raised bumps returned to my hand. This also occurs after eating dry roasted edamame. Sometimes I can feel the bumps itching under my skin. This never used to happen, in fact I’ve never had a food allergy. How disappointing that one should develop now when I’m actually taking better care of myself and trying to eat healthy. But the reality is that some days I was eating two full bags of dry roasted edamame and it may have proven to be just too much for the body. The protein and fiber amounts contained in each package made it an attractive snack. I obviously still have a long way to go with my portion control. One day I’m going to learn what life is trying to teach me.

Life on the Road

25 04 2012

Today began a two day journey down and back up part of the eastern seaboard of the United States. It was a trip for work and due to my not being the best flyer, I opted to instead drive. The day began at 9AM and wrapped up at nearly 9:30PM. Virtually all of this time was spent in the car.

I was well stocked with snacks and water. Work would pay for my meals. But where does someone trying to maintain a plant based diet find quick meals on the go? It isn’t easy.

I passed every fast food joint known to man. Eventually as time ticked on, I began contemplating a burger. I really did, but quickly remembered how lousy and tired I used to feel right after eating a fast food burger. I decided to continue to look for a plant based option. At one point, a beef jerky car pulled up along side of me. Temptation became nearly unbearable!!

You just cant make this stuff up.

In the end I settled for a tuna sub at Subway for lunch (I do tend to eat tuna once every week or three) and I had two Caribbean veggie / hummus wraps for dinner. I really had to search to find a dinner that was plant based and could be eaten while driving. A salad was not going to be doable. Tomorrow is another day and living this way out on the road is just not easy.

Wrestling with my Weight

24 04 2012

And so begins week 18 of my switch to a plant based diet and exercise regime. This week I lost another pound bringing my total weight loss to over 62 pounds. It was nothing short of a miracle to lose that pound this week because at one point I was several pounds up. My schedule was so packed with things to do that my discipline became severely tested. I had two pro wrestling photography gigs (including the great honor of photographing the 2012 Wild Samoan Cup) which meant late nights editing pictures. So on both nights when 2 or 3AM rolled around, I got hungry. My food choices weren’t always the best. But really, anything to eat at that time, just isn’t wise. I also only got in a DDP Yoga workout twice last week. Luckily snapping 1300 pics is no easy task and requires a lot of crouching so by the end of the second night I felt like I had done several back to back Yoga sessions. One thing I’ll say for the yoga, it helps me stay in a crouched down position for a heck of a lot longer. My flexibility is definitely improving.

One of my favorite pics from this past weekend:

and this one:

I’ll be spending the next two days driving down and back up the eastern seaboard of the US for work. Should be interesting to see how I can maintain a plant based diet while on the road like this.

Weekend Inspiration

21 04 2012



Now get out there and do something awesome!

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