Wrestling with my Weight

24 04 2012

And so begins week 18 of my switch to a plant based diet and exercise regime. This week I lost another pound bringing my total weight loss to over 62 pounds. It was nothing short of a miracle to lose that pound this week because at one point I was several pounds up. My schedule was so packed with things to do that my discipline became severely tested. I had two pro wrestling photography gigs (including the great honor of photographing the 2012 Wild Samoan Cup) which meant late nights editing pictures. So on both nights when 2 or 3AM rolled around, I got hungry. My food choices weren’t always the best. But really, anything to eat at that time, just isn’t wise. I also only got in a DDP Yoga workout twice last week. Luckily snapping 1300 pics is no easy task and requires a lot of crouching so by the end of the second night I felt like I had done several back to back Yoga sessions. One thing I’ll say for the yoga, it helps me stay in a crouched down position for a heck of a lot longer. My flexibility is definitely improving.

One of my favorite pics from this past weekend:

and this one:

I’ll be spending the next two days driving down and back up the eastern seaboard of the US for work. Should be interesting to see how I can maintain a plant based diet while on the road like this.



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