Life on the Road

25 04 2012

Today began a two day journey down and back up part of the eastern seaboard of the United States. It was a trip for work and due to my not being the best flyer, I opted to instead drive. The day began at 9AM and wrapped up at nearly 9:30PM. Virtually all of this time was spent in the car.

I was well stocked with snacks and water. Work would pay for my meals. But where does someone trying to maintain a plant based diet find quick meals on the go? It isn’t easy.

I passed every fast food joint known to man. Eventually as time ticked on, I began contemplating a burger. I really did, but quickly remembered how lousy and tired I used to feel right after eating a fast food burger. I decided to continue to look for a plant based option. At one point, a beef jerky car pulled up along side of me. Temptation became nearly unbearable!!

You just cant make this stuff up.

In the end I settled for a tuna sub at Subway for lunch (I do tend to eat tuna once every week or three) and I had two Caribbean veggie / hummus wraps for dinner. I really had to search to find a dinner that was plant based and could be eaten while driving. A salad was not going to be doable. Tomorrow is another day and living this way out on the road is just not easy.



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26 04 2012

When I eat out, especially at the hospital, it’s hard to find vegan food. I usually get a veggie sub from subway. Sometimes I’ll make the effort to find a nice restaurant where I know I can get a *good* salad, jam-packed with vegetables or fruit and will actually be filling. Good luck!

26 04 2012

sounds good. I would have went the salad route but had so much driving to do that stopping and taking the time to eat a salad would have thrown me off. I needed food on the go. Today I had more time to do that and it went much better.

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