Life on the Road – Part II (The Itchy Journey Home)

26 04 2012

Today wrapped up my two-day marathon 800+ mile drive. I’m so done with driving this week but alas tomorrow will be several hundred more miles logged in and so will Saturday. Today was okay though, I was able to take a less frantic pace which led me to be able to eat while semi-relaxing instead of sitting behind the wheel. I started off the day the way I ended the last, with two Caribbean veggie and hummus wraps. They were so good for dinner, I decided to have the same thing for breakfast the following morning and I was not at all disappointed. For lunch I had the best meal I’ve had in days – a buddha bowl (lightly sauteed mixed veggies over brown rice and a bowl of miso soup. I loved this meal! The veggies were crunchy and the brown sauce and rice were perfect. Unfortunately over the last few weeks, I’ve began to acquire an allergy … most likely to soy. Right after eating the miso soup (miso is fermented soy beans), little red raised bumps returned to my hand. This also occurs after eating dry roasted edamame. Sometimes I can feel the bumps itching under my skin. This never used to happen, in fact I’ve never had a food allergy. How disappointing that one should develop now when I’m actually taking better care of myself and trying to eat healthy. But the reality is that some days I was eating two full bags of dry roasted edamame and it may have proven to be just too much for the body. The protein and fiber amounts contained in each package made it an attractive snack. I obviously still have a long way to go with my portion control. One day I’m going to learn what life is trying to teach me.



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26 04 2012
Beverly Werner

You should perhaps do a little reading about soy and the side effects it has on men. While soy is excellent for women, not so much for men.

27 04 2012

I have only heard some people say that it may not be good for us. I do not know anything additionally but as you suggest, I should research it some.

27 04 2012
Beverly Werner

A few things you should research with soy, while it is good for lowering cholestrol, if can cause gout in men. Soy contains a moderate amount of purines. Purines are substances that the body converts into uric acid and high levels of uric acid causes gout. Also Soy contains
phytoestrogens which is plant based estrogen, that’s why soy is great for menopausal women who suffer from heat flashes, etc. Too much estrogen in men, well, you can take it from there.

30 04 2012

Thanks so much Beverly! I appreciate the information.

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