27 04 2012

Fear holds us back. It tells us that we aren’t good enough. That we aren’t worth anything. It tells us that we can’t succeed. That we’ll never have the discipline to “make it”. That we shouldn’t try. It tells us to stay in our comfort zone. That we should not allow ourselves to become vulnerable. It tells us to be content. To not reach for something more. To not strive for something better. To forget about what we thought we were destined to become.

My fear says I’m failing. It’s says I won’t succeed. It says I can’t sustain this. My fear says that I won’t like what I see in the mirror tomorrow. It says there is no need to exercise today because staying heavy is safer. It says this slice of pizza won’t hurt me. It says go ahead, have another. It says eat and eat some more and keep eating after that…build up a wall around you. Don’t be vulnerable. Don’t let people in. Be lazy. You’re not up to this challenge. You can’t do this. Everyone is going to watch you fail. It says stay quiet. It says don’t share me with anyone. It says the person you have been is all that you will ever be. It says all hope is lost.



4 responses

27 04 2012

Yet another one of your posts that gave me goosebumps! Fear is a bitch that holds you back from the magic. Feel the fear and do it anyway, Johnny!

30 04 2012

Exactly! Good things wait for us on the other side of fear. If we are afraid and power through it, that is where the growing begins.

28 04 2012

I second the goosebumps comment! I totally relate to this post, especially with recent occurrences in my life, my circle of comfort is so small I can’t even move in it!

30 04 2012

I wish you luck. It’s little steps to break through that wall. you can do it!

Thank you for your kind words.

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