Wheatless + Meatless = Joyless

3 05 2012

I’m on day number 3 of going wheatless. Well almost. It turns out that I failed big time yesterday. I broke down and went to Taco Bell. This is my third time in nearly five months so I’m giving myself a pass. Plus my weight is down slightly today so that helps reduce the guilt factor. I continue to believe that occasionally the gut needs a good digestive workout. I went with the hard tacos because their shells are made of corn, right? Right, except Taco Bell’s beef is loaded with gluten as a filler. So yeah, FAIL! Their food is garbage but yet I continue to sporadically crave it. As with most fast food I eat, my body wants to just crash on a couch somewhere as soon as the meal is done. A good reminder to stay away.

One thing I’ve noticed about going wheatless, I’m more hungry. And lately I’m craving meat. I’m not sure if this is my body calling for it or if this is a correlation between the lack of wheat (fillers) taking up space in my stomach and just wanting to fill that space.

Lately it seems like there are more things that I can’t eat than I actually can eat. In a big way though, it seems more natural to eat a plant based diet and forgo the wheat. Being that wheat is so overly processed, I really should have cut it out (or at least seriously reduced it) a long time ago. Instead I have been living off of near daily wraps for lunch and an occasional big crusty bread grilled veggie sandwich or (an even more occasional) tuna sub. I also had to cut out soy after developing an allergic reaction on both hands and arms. I really enjoyed my daily bag of dry roasted edamame but it was obviously too much of a good thing. There is a lot of conflicting information about the health benefits of soy, especially for men, so it was probably wise to cut way back on it.

Wheatless and meatless… for a guy that used to live to eat, this is still a rough adjustment. I’m trying to keep in mind that for me, the reality of “living to eat” meant “eating to die”. Back to the veggies. See you tomorrow.



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3 05 2012
Susan Douglass

You might want to note that wheat can be a FLOUR or vegetable….something that has just dawned upon me, There is bread that is flourless. It uses sprouted grains. Maybe that will help. I especially like the stuff with lotsa grains, especially rye. Dunno.

3 05 2012

Thanks Susan! Good thinking! You are right, I will have to find alternatives. This is all new to me. I need to do research. The journey begins!

4 05 2012
Deana @bookananda

I had to go gluten free recently because I found out I had celiac disease and it’s been frustrating. Things you’d never expect contain wheat and it seems like the entire grocery store is endless aisles of things you can’t eat. My husband went vegetarian a few months ago and on our last trip to the grocery store, we were standing in the aisle reading yet another label, trying to find something to make for dinner and he said, “You know what would really make grocery shopping fun? We could give up meat and gluten.”

4 05 2012

You’re right. So many things contain wheat. I never knew either. So many of my favorite things contain wheat. It’s such a bummer. Well, it will be a whole new learning experience.

I wish you both well. Thanks so much for reading.

8 05 2012

Sprouted grains all wonderful. Try Ezekiel 4:9 products, manna bread and udi products. They do not contain wheat-gluten. I also recently learned that a lot of meatless alternatives have wheat-gluten. There are lots brown rice products as well that are good alternatives for pasta. I have been posting more items on my blog. It’s tough, but it’s worth it.

10 05 2012

And thanks for these suggestions. Much appreciated! I’ll be sure to check your page out.

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