Gettin RAW pt.2

13 05 2012

So the raw foods fair was fantastic! It’s good to get out from behind this computer and occasionally immerse myself in places where I can really learn about health and nutrition firsthand. And this was the place to be yesterday. I tried raw smoothies, “ice cream”, soups, salads, dips and lots of chips. I even enjoyed raw wine (16% alcohol content – wow)!!

In the end I walked away with a high quality juicer. Woke up this morning and made a juice straight from my brain and it was fantastic – pineapple, banana, orange, apple, carrots, spinach and kale. My 7 year old said she liked it so much that she would drink them all of the time and that’s after she found out about the “disgusting” ingredients. She said that she’s going to be the healthiest kid in school – that feels like money well spent to me. My toddler also loved it and  wanted more when she finished. Sorry kid, the rest is MINE!!! Can’t wait to make a homemade V8 later!!




4 responses

13 05 2012

That sounds like a great fair (I’ll have to watch for raw wine! I’ve never even heard of it). I’d love to see how your V8 turns out – I’ve been meaning to try my hand at making that, too ..

14 05 2012

if you have any luck, let me know. I’t’s all trial and error (mostly error) at this point.

14 05 2012

i got into this a while back. there is a cafe close to me that specializes in it. the website is pretty good for info.

16 05 2012

Thanks Bro!

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