Grinding On…it’s Gut Check Time

5 06 2012

And so begins Week 24 of my switch to a plant based diet and increased exercise. I’m slowly on the road back, shedding three of the four pounds I gained last week. But I’m writing this after a night out with a bunch of friends that included three slices of pizza with the works and one fabulously made (from scratch) Bloody Mary. It’s alright to do this once in awhile but it’s not the way to really make the weight come off.

And that’s kind of where I am at lately. The first 65+ pounds came off relatively easy. I worked hard but my body gave up the weight freely. I wanted it and I stuck with it. Now the process has slowed. I know that if I want to see real gains made in my progress I need to turn the intensity, dedication and determination up big time.

I’m not losing ground lately as much as I am just hitting a stagnation point. In the journey of weight loss, I find myself in a deepening valley. I know that how I get out of this valley will be a predictor of how successful this overall journey will be for me.

The initial push of wanting to lose the weight and getting healthy cannot be allowed to fade. Everyday I need to wake up and WANT it as bad as I did on Day # 1. I need to WANT it like my life depends on it because IT DOES. I need to WANT it bad enough to cut out the foods that will harm me. I need to WANT it bad enough to make time for daily exercise. If I don’t do these things, then these are all just flowery words on a page. I need to push through this and get to the other side. These are the times in a journey that test the metal of a man. It’s gut check time. I’m not happy with my progress or my effort lately and it’s time to see how bad I really want this.

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5 06 2012

Johnny, I have to say I am a big fan of your blog, you write awesome!!! Just get back on the horse and do what you have been doing all along to lose that first 65 pounds. I had a few weight gains and plateaus in my journey, but always had my friend there lifting me up and making me a believer again. I’m posting a new blog on the biggest battle which is maintaining. For me it’s more of a spiritual battle and dealing with all the attention I have gotten over the last 4 years for loosing 242 pounds. I am so proud of you, you can do this, you are doing this. Keep going and don’t stop. 🙂

8 06 2012

Thank you so much. you are very kind. i am so glad to know people like you. Your story gives people like me inspiration. And you’re right, the battle is a continuing one. Once the objective has been met, we need to maintain it. That in itself will be a giant undertaking. I look forward to getting there. Thanks for going before and sharing what you have learned and continue to learn.

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