From Pro Wrestling Icon to Fitness Guru – Diamond Dallas Page Reveals How Yoga Can Change Your Life

1 05 2012

When I decided to write this blog over four months ago, it was solely a way to stay focused on my goal of losing 200 pounds while reversing some serious health issues through a dietary lifestyle change and increased exercise. If it helped to motivate someone else than that was an added plus. I never expected to promote anybody’s product. That being said, if I find something that works for me, I am going to tell you about it. DDP Yoga has been that something. I’ve only done it for about a month now but it has helped me to lose some weight, gain noticeable strength, become much more flexible as well as significantly reduce a nagging shoulder pain issue that I’ve had. I know that the results I am seeing with this program so far are only the tip of the iceberg but in only four weeks, the results are impressive enough that I can’t help but espouse the many benefits to anyone who will listen to me.

I want to make it clear that I’m not a paid affiliate. I bought the program just like everybody else has. I have no stake in this other than to pay forward the kindness of others who have helped me along the way. It’s all about learning and information sharing.

One of the great things about blogging and the internet in general is that people you would not normally have the opportunity to communicate with, become much more accessible. I recently had the good fortune and the great honor to speak at length with the creator of DDP Yoga; a pro wrestling legend turned fitness guru – Diamond Dallas Page. He continues to help me tweak my lifestyle change so that I get the most out of it. I hope that the extensive information contained in this interview will benefit my readers and will help you determine if this program could benefit you (and believe me – it can and will) as it continues to do for me and the many others who are using it.

Click here for the: audio interview with DDP

If you’ve listened to the interview and feel inspired to use DDP Yoga to help you become your best self, you can save 10% on the program or on anything in the DDP Yoga store for the next 24 hours by putting in the promo code: JGEE

If you do get the program, drop me a line and let me know how it’s going. You can post public comments here or drop me a private one at

Arthur’s story – a DDP yoga testimonial


30 04 2012

And so begins week 19 of my switch to a plant based diet and an increased exercise regime. This week I stayed the same weight which keeps me at 62 pounds+ lost. This is not good. It means that I’ve only lost a pound in two weeks. I have about 135 pounds left to lose so this is no time to stall out. It’s my fault though, I didn’t make the time to do as much exercise as I should have and I haven’t been taking in enough water. I’ve eaten too many cheat meals with bread and my body has been deprived of sleep because I am way over committed with different activities. All excuses but still a formula that adds up to failure. It creates a difficult environment for trying to maintain my weight let alone lose any.

The real fear though is failure. I lost a lot of weight once about 9 years ago. In about six months, I lost 65 pounds by doing a 30 day cleanse/fast followed by eating a mostly vegetarian diet. I believe that the fast further damaged my slow metabolism and eventually I went back to eating the wrong foods which resulted in my gaining all of the weight back and then some – probably an additional 45 pounds or more. And so that is the reality of these types of things, people lose weight and people fall off their program and gain it all back. I don’t want that to happen again so I must really force myself to stay determined and live the program that I have set up for myself. I want to push through the barriers.

I was fortunate to speak with current fitness and yoga guru, Diamond Dallas Page, at great length yesterday and we discussed my predicament. His advice was to eliminate wheat from my diet as it is highly processed in the foods that we eat. He said that at my age and weight, my body has difficulty breaking wheat down. He also suggest increasing his DDP Yoga workouts to 5 days a week for the next several weeks until it becomes more of a habit. If I do this, I should start seeing major results. So, I’m going to flip the script and see if I can get the weight loss working for me. If not, you will be witness to a failure of epic proportions. Fun either way, right? Stay tuned!

***huge DDP audio interview coming tomorrow!

The Fear of Hurting

9 04 2012

And so begins week 16 of my journey to better health and wellness through a plant based diet and exercise. After not seeing the scale move at all two weeks ago, this past week I was able to lose three pounds which brings my total loss to over 59 pounds. Of course just after I posted last Monday about not losing any weight, the weight started flying off. I’ve noticed that every 10-15 pounds of weight loss, there is often a significant lull before my body starts dropping again. It’s like my body is adjusting.

This week I switched things up and I know that made a difference. In addition to walking and lifting weights, I added my first two days of the DDP Yoga program. I’m on track to do this workout 4-5 days a week. So far I will say this, I’m extremely happy with it. I’m not in great shape so it is definitely challenging. But its not so hard that it is impossible. It’s completely doable because there are alternate ways (modifications) for many of the exercises. These are offered depending on physical ability and skill level. The modifications definitely make it easier. Because I don’t want to feel like I’m cheating myself, I try to go all out though and don’t use the modifications as much as I probably should. I’m not sure if that is wise, but we will see what happens. I should be patient and just gradually build up to where I want to be. But like so many of us, I want my results and I want them now. I can definitely feel the burn afterwards; sometimes for hours or even into the next day. I never expected to get such a great workout from a program like this. I would have saved a lot of money on weights, had I started this program first.

Realistically, the mental component of this is the hardest part. Over the years, I’ve conditioned myself to avoid pain. Somewhere during football season of my senior year of high school, I became afraid of pain. I was tired of double sessions (day long practices at the start of the season during the heat of August). I was tired of running so much and being pushed to my limit. I remember it being very humid and feeling very tired and thirsty. I just started to get mentally weak and began looking for short cuts as the days went on. That is how it started and its been a slow descent ever since. At times I’m a wimp and that is something I don’t like about myself. It’s not easy to admit. Guys my size are supposed to be tough and I have been in the past. But somehow that gradually fell away. So that is something I will need to change. And it’s scary because I still fear pain. It’s crazy though and I’ll be the first one to tell you that I don’t know what exactly I’m afraid of. Its not like exercise is going to kill me…at least it probably won’t if it hasn’t done so already. Maybe 59 pounds ago, but probably not now.

I need to keep telling myself that this pain is truly only temporary. At some point it will end and out beyond it is where I will find success. But it’s hard to tell yourself that and actually believe it when you are in the midst of it.

For the yoga program I also had to take pictures of how I look and what my flexibility looks like so that I’ll have something to compare my progress to down the line. I hated that. Despite feeling so good about my weight loss so far, the pictures are terribly unflattering. I look at them and I really dislike what I see. I look at the pictures and think to myself, “I thought you’ve come farther than this”. So this is both depressing and motivating. The road is long and I do have much more to go.

The last two weeks have been a good reminder that sometimes it just takes time. Sometimes the weight is going to come off easier than at other times. I just have to remain steadfast. I didn’t put it on overnight and it’s not going to come off that way either. I just have to keep my head in the game. I have to stay focused and determined. As Eric Thomas said in the videos I posted yesterday, I have to want this as bad as I want to breathe. I cannot become complacent. 60 pounds is not enough. 120 pounds is not enough. I need to see this to the point of actual health and wellness. There is no end to it. It will take working at it every day. I can do this.

The Diamond Cutter

3 04 2012

One of the really wonderful things about doing this blog is the interesting people I get an opportunity to meet.  From talking to you the reader to interviewing people like Zen master, Thich Nhat Hanh, together we will find a way to better health and wellness.  Many of you are already far along this path and are living roadmaps for a person like me.  Others are just beginning the journey.  But no matter where you are, we are all on the journey together.

Over the weekend it was my extreme pleasure to receive two phone calls from  3 time former world heavyweight wrestling champion, Diamond Dallas Page (DDP).  If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you’ve realized that I am a giant pro wrestling fan. So it is not everyday that someone gets the privilege to speak with one of the truly greats in the industry.  Truth be told, I was trying to line up a future interview with DDP as I had recently been reading about his hybrid yoga plan that had really been changing people’s lives.  I had read wrestling great, Chris Jericho, say that the program had been successful in helping him return to the ring after a several year hiatus.  I had read that other wrestlers like Kane, Mick Foley, The Miz and Perry Saturn were using it as well as many indy wrestlers.  I had also heard that it was changing the lives of many average folks like you and me.  I had sent an email of inquiry to DDP’s people.  I never expected for the man himself to actually pick up the phone (while he was away, busy at Wrestlemania weekend) and call me – two days in a row!

DDP told me that he had been reading this site.  We talked nutrition, exercise and shared our individual stories.  While I was really looking for an interview, I was also interested in the program and wondered if it would be beneficial to me.  We spoke about that too.  DDP doesn’t mince his words.  He said that if I would work the program sincerely and put effort in, he and a network of people on Team DDP Yoga (a support website) would be there to help me along the way.  I decided that I was all in.  It would be a great tool in my expanding tool kit and after watching some video testimonials on line I thought that i could really have some success with it. It’s not every day someone gets the personal phone number and email address of one of their idols.  Plus, it would be something fun to blog about.

So I put my money down and the program is in the mail on the way to me.  It was not gifted to me. Like everything in life – the things that are worth something need to be worked for.  I try not to do anything half-hearted and I want to continue to make the necessary changes to take my life back.  I think that this can really make a big difference.  Watch this video and see what I mean:

The greatest transformation in fitness history! from Dallas Page on Vimeo.

Pretty amazing huh?

This blog is going to continue to be about many things.  I will continue to embrace a multi-disciplined approach to obtaining my goal.  Along the way, I’ll be trying acupuncture, traditional yoga and other modalities that I’m interested in.  But you will hear about this program, and as I have done in the past, I will shoot straight and tell you if its working for me or not.  But because I’m going all in, I definitely expect to see awesome results with improved flexibility, muscle tone and weight loss.

The other good news is that DDP agreed to do the interview and that will be physically happening on April 16th, with the interview itself being posted soon afterwards.  DDP’s people have graciously allowed my readers to get 10% off of anything they order between now and 24 hours after I post the interview. The special promo code is JGEE

Yes I have my very own promo code! Sweet!

While there is a commission based affiliate program, I’ve decided not to be part of it. For the integrity of the blog, I will get no monetary reciprocation for blogging about this. It’s all about getting better health and wellness. See you on the path friends. Buckle up, its going to be a great ride!

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