Look Ma, I’m on TV!

27 05 2012

My friend Jaime has a fantastic new television show that teaches folks how to make amazing plant based meals. As you will see though, this show offers a whole lot more than just a few recipes. I make my appearance in the last segment to talk about how I came to adopt a plant based diet. I also get to try this amazing food. And that’s not hype, these dishes were fantastic! As you watch this you will see that it’s obvious that I’m not all that comfortable yet with sharing my story on camera but this was a very fun experience and a fantastic opportunity to let folks in my local area know about my blog.

I’m very much indebted to Jaime. People like her hold part of the map that I need to get to where I’m supposed to be going. The first night I met her I was really talking for the first time about my health, my new plant-based lifestyle change and my wanting to lose a lot of weight. I was terrified to talk about this in front of strangers (we were at a local bloggers meet and greet – yes, bloggers really do get out from behind the computer once in awhile. And when we do, we gather together and talk about blogging!). Jaime gave me a big genuine hug afterwards that completely disarmed me and made me feel much better about the situation. This is truly part of Jaime’s mission statement. She works to make the world a better place by putting part of her soul into so many of the things that she does. That night was the very first time that I truly realized that beyond my fear lies amazing and wonderful things.

please check out Jaime’s blog: http://savethekales.wordpress.com/

Using Art to Capture Art

4 05 2012

I’ve had a lot of different opportunities to snap pictures lately. It’s something that keeps me feeling grounded and allows me to tell a story through my art.   My art is often taking pictures of other people’s art.  It’s so inspiring to try to capture someone’s passion!

Being creative is a good outlet for me and taking pictures definitely improves me well being. Lately my camera has been tweaking pretty hard and is in need of a major tune up – problem is that I have photography gigs lined up and can’t afford to be apart from it for 6-8 weeks. Maybe once June rolls around I’ll be forced to take a break. Either way for the time being the camera is limping along and getting progressively more dysfunctional. It’s a good challenge though to try to take the best pics I possibly can.  Even when it goes haywire (as seen in the second pic below), it can sometimes be made into art.

Two nights ago I had the honor to see an amazing live musical performance by Mike Watt, J. Mascis, Thurston Moore, Kurt Vile and a bunch of other talented folks. It was my great pleasure to be able to capture some pics of it all as it went down. I used the built in flash at times because real flash photography was not permitted.  The pics still came out pretty good.  Here are some of my favorites:

The show was in support of Watt’s new book: mike watt  on and off bass.  This book is full of Mike’s photography of his hometown (San Pedro, CA) as well as written excerpts from his tour diaries and interviews.  There is even some of his poetry in there.  The book really does well in capturing a part of who the man is.  You can order the book here (I highly recommend it – it’s fantastic!):


Brother Watt is someone I have a great deal of respect and admiration for.  A few years ago I payed him a compliment online and he offered to add bass to a song that my band had been working on/recording.  That meant the world to me and was one of the highest honors I could have as an artist.  In the end, Mike’s bass track got a bit muted when our album when out to mastering.  It’s there but not as up front as I would have liked.  This will always be a huge personal disappointment.  One day we will remaster that track and fix it.  for now though, it’s still decent and the demo (which uses his bass track) rocks.  i posted it on here several months ago.  The search box up top will help you if you are interested in hearing it.

Mike is a very busy man but it never prevents him from corresponding with me.  He is sometimes a sounding board and I appreciate it.   When he is on tour, I try to see him when possible.  After the show the other night he told me I was doing well on my “mission”.  That made me feel good.  It inspires and makes me want to pick myself up when I fall.  It inspires me to work harder at getting healthier.  Mike and I will be doing an interview here in the future.  In my mind at least, he is a bit of a philosopher.  So we are going to talk about art and life.  I look forward to it.

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