Some Food for Thought

18 07 2012

I’m on a much needed vacation. I probably should be doing more with the blog this week because I finally have the time. But reading comic books and enjoying the kids is winning out.

Its been harder than I thought to stick to a plant based diet on vacation. For starters I have mysteriously grown an affinity for pancakes as I’ve had them for two out of three of the last breakfasts. Not going to help things with the scale. I did have a fantastic tofu veggie stir-fry the first night here. I’m looking forward to possibly getting that again before vacation is through.

The heat is oppressive. It’s really putting a crimp in my plans to do a lot of walking. Every year it seems to work out this way lately. Thank God there is no such thing as global warming! It’s a total fluke that the last 16 out of 17 have been the hottest on record or that 6,000+ new records have been set in the United States this year. Yet we still argue about what causes it. It would be nice if we could just all agree that something funky is going on. Who cares if its manmade or a cycle or a bit of both- its like arguing about how you got cancer. Why can’t we just agree that something needs to be done to save the place where we live? Now I’m getting fired up! Time to get back to vacation!



I get by with a little help from my friends

9 01 2012

And so begins week three of the meatless, dairyless, nonprocessed food lifestyle change.  In other words, veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts, beans and water (and a couple of fried clam strips that I stole off my daughters plate last night…irresistable at first but really not that good).  I’ve lost 16 pounds and I feel like I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time.  This is starting to pay off.

Two nights ago I did the unthinkable and traded in my Barilla pasta (there is no better pasta in the grocery store) for rice pasta and (gasp!!!!) soy cheese.  And it was not half bad.  To be honest, it was actually pretty good.  I did add a dab of anchovy paste to the sauce and if you like that kind of thing it will do wonders for the taste of something.  It was good enough to plan on having it again later in the week.

I’m so thankful for my former college roommate who not only gave me a lot of good pointers and encouragement for the first two weeks but also turned me onto this little gem:

Bragg Liquid Aminos -a Certified NON-GMO, gluten free liquid protein concentrate, derived from soybeans.  It contains 0 mg total fat, o mg cholesterol, 100 mg carbs, 110 mg naturally occurring sodium, and 290 mg of protein.  You can even dilute it further with water to cut down on the sodium – but hey, lets not get crazy -we’re already eating like a rabbit.  It’s surprising how good this tastes for what it is.  You can make an excellent stir fry with it and the portobello mushrooms i made with it recently were to die for.  Its the little things like this product that are going to make it possible for me to keep this up.  Bragg also makes an organic raw apple cider vinegar which “contains the ‘mother’ of vinegar which occurs naturally as connected strand-like chains of protein enzyme molecules.”     In 400 B.C. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, was using raw apple cider vinegar for it’s natural cleansing, healing and energizing health properties.  So it’s time tested.  It’s regarded as a benefit to those trying to lose weight and those who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease among other maladies.  Vinegar can be rough on the teeth though, so if you enjoy your pearly whites, save it for your salad or drink it mixed with water.  Both of these products can be found in many grocery stores.

I want to say thanks for anyone who has checked this page out.  I’ve received some supportive messages and I really appreciate them.  It’s good when we can take one of our biggest weaknesses and attempt turn it into something positive.  It’s weird to get support for trying to counter 18 years+ of self-imposed bodily harm, yet it goes a long way in keeping me motivated.  So thanks a ton.

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