Tasting the Agony of Defeat

30 03 2012

So the local blog awards were held last night and johnnysized.com succumbed to the very stiff competition. With just three months of this page being in existence, I think it went as well as could be expected. The fact that it was nominated in three categories made me proud. But victory is so sweet and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to win. It does motivate me to work harder for next time. Things that we truly want should not come easy so that when we obtain them, we really savor it and appreciate it. I was very glad to see some of my friends win. Both those that did and didn’t are passionate about their craft and are inspirations to me. I made a few new friends as well and I look forward to reading their work.

So I came back home a beaten man. What to do? Bag of potato chips? Pint of ice cream? No!



In a suit and tie no less – because one should be professional at all times. I curled until I could curl no more.
As some of you may know, I dabble in the arts. Being of Italian descent, I thought it would be fun to audition for a local series about “the mob” (more info coming in the next several weeks when I’m allowed to discuss it). Ironically I was offered a part as a Russian Mob enforcer. The problem here is two-fold. I need to figure out a Russian accent pretty quickly. That is doable. The other issue is that the headshot I used to get the part is a bit dated. I weighed at least 60 pounds more at the time. But now, I’m the incredible shrinking man. So hitting the weights hard and regularly is imperative. I need to be lean, mean and hulking!

Da svidaniya comrades!
For now,



5 responses

30 03 2012

Well, I think you should have won Johnny, you write a great blog. Good for you in using exercise to replace for that emotion you were feeling of not winning. Keep shrinking. I still think you will be intimidating even skinny. 🙂

31 03 2012
michael molovinsky

johnny, you have an excellent blog, i enjoy reading. please understand that the blog contest is based on self-promoting groups voting for each other, nothing more. (and I won). in reality, The Morning Call should assign a judge(s) and base the decision on comparative quality of the blogs. in truth, the paper uses the contest to promote the paper, not the bloggers.

31 03 2012

Thanks for the words and I do largely agree with you. To win is not really as important as being featured on their site. An increase in readership is what most of us are looking for. Without readers, we just have unread words on a page. Luckily we can do it the old fashioned way, try to put out quality posts and increase readership that way.

22 04 2012
The Corner Seat

Michael is right Johnny. It was basically a popularity contest. As one of the “winners” I can tell you I bugged and pestered folks on facebook to no end. In fact I think they may have voted for me to quiet me for a year.

I enjoy reading your blog and it is very inspiring. You have made massive success in your weight loss/healthy living goal which is no easy feat. Your postive attitude is amazing and often a pick me up when I am feeling blue.

Last year when they had these awards I didn’t even have a blog, I started soon after and made it a personal goal to try and “win.” I’m glad I attained that goal, more so because it was a private one I set and was a success in the midst of other failures.

Anyhow, I feel the best prize I’ve won through blogging has been the friendships I’ve made, and the fascinating people such as yourself, that I’ve been so very fortunate to meet.

23 04 2012

Thanks for your kind words Deb. It was a personal goal to win but I was very happy to see my friends win. I know it meant a lot to you guys and that made me happy. I agree with you -friendships have been such a wonderful and unexpected part of doing this. I look forward to seeing some of my fellow bloggers (maybe) at the bday party. 😉

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